• Born on November 04, 1985 in the city of Clamart, France 
  • Family: Father : Truck Driver // Mère : Cashier / At home, both born in Martinique Island, (French Overseas Department) - 3 brothers and sisters
  • Place of lives :  different suburbs (on the outskirts of Paris)
  • Schooling : I spent all my schooling in the suburbs, from pre-school to college.

Professional background:

Latest Activist Experience:

  • Never been a member of an association until 2019
  • Never been a member of a union before
  • Never previously affiliated with a political party and still not

Récente expérience militante:

On 29 May 2018 I launched a petition ( denounce the false argument put forward by the French Government to justify the constant increase in fuel taxes. It was supposedly a question, according to the Minister, of accompanying us in the Energetic Transition by:

  1. encouraging us to abandon the vehicle,
  2. encouraging us to acquire a hybrid or electric vehicle, to gradually abandon oil,
  3. making us pay more to "finance" this transition and assume the "polluter pays" principle

All this in order to protect the environment. This petition has collected more than 1.2 million signatures.

But now we know that this tax has not been used to finance the ecological transition but the CICE, a tax advantage paid to big companies that should have used it to hire people (when they are making massive layoffs) and that are not allowed to use it for dividend payments, but that do so anyway !

We, Yellow Vests, have received a large number of demands and proposals through different channels from citizens to improve the quality of life and purchasing power: this momentum of protest has given rise to the Yellow Vests movement and has grown to include the subject of purchasing power and the place of the citizen in political life. Following various actions of spontaneous gatherings of citizens, the Government announced the cancellation of the increase in fuel taxes that was scheduled for January 2019. One of the first demands of the petition. That said, we note that fares continue to increase and the share of taxes remains very high in the fare when other polluting profiles are still exempt... (no kerosene taxes in the air sector, and no fuel taxes either, in the maritime sector!).

Then other measures were announced, except that they only partially respond to the needs expressed and are not sufficient to address the social injustice we have been denouncing for 10 months now. Our mobilization is not only aimed at serving the cause of yellow vests, but also at resolving a social crisis that is impacting the vast majority of French people today.

The Government then announced that a major debate would take place throughout the country. But the National Commission for Public Debate (CNDP), which had been mandated to organize this debate, finally withdrew, after weeks of tense exchanges with the government.

Why? It should be noted that the Government has asked the President of the Commission to grant him a personal favour by organizing this Great Debate, which she refused on the grounds of professional ethics. The Government then failed to act on the her warnings, which reiterated the need to respect the principle of transparency, neutrality and exemplarity provided for in the process of setting up such a debate (Mediapart sources).

Today, we therefore make the bitter observation that we were right to be suspicious of the BIG DEBATE which, in addition to having cost 12 million euros ! was in our opinion only a means of silencing this movement and an opportunity for the President to campaign and rise in the polls before the European elections because of its simple media omnipresence !

For this reason, Yellow Vests of all profiles and regions have organized themselves by forming a collective in order to set up a collaborative platform that we all know as the REAL DEBATE: ; while others, aware that the Internet is not accessible to everyone, have set up a citizen consultation (paper version) that has collected 900,000 contributions from 39 departments. But you will notice that no one is talking about this platform of demands. That is why we have decided to inform the population ourselves through this manifesto:

Indeed, since the beginning of the Yellow Vest Movement, the Government and the mainstream media have consistently claimed that the demands associated with the movement were vague, evasive, uncertain and imprecise. Of course, this is totally false.

This online platform of demands was therefore created by a group of Yellow Vests so that all citizens could post their proposals and vote for those of others. It therefore received more than 1 million votes out of 25,000 proposals posted, and this in 33 days with a budget of 4,000 euros when the government's budget for its debate cost 12 million euros and the results have still not been communicated till now. For those who do not have access to the Internet, a National Citizen Consultation in paper format was initiated by another group of Yellow Vests, which carried out the same exercise from door to door.

Obviously, the Government did not take this into account and the media chose not to report on it. And we all know why.

A Top 59 of these claims have been made and you will be able to discover what they are and why the Yellow Vests have been fighting for months.

The proposals posted concern subjects that concern us all (health, environment, democracies, taxation...) but which have been ignored.

This manifesto will go down in history and will be the voice that the Government has tried to silence.

Download link:

Extract from the manifest:


It is also important to remember that all these initiatives put in place since the beginning of the movement are in addition to each other:

  • field actions (demonstrations, rallies, roundabouts);
  • mutual aid and solidarity initiatives (creation of associations, fundraising, products of basic necessities for redistribution to the homeless...);
  • legal actions (studies of administrative shortcomings, legal actions, legal initiatives in favour of democracy, referrals to the Human Rights Defender and/or the IGPN)
  • collective projects aimed at working on a real democracy (workshops to rewrite our constitution, studies and work on the implementation of the Citizens' Initiative Referendum "RIC")
  • or even communication actions (conferences, towing, citizen assembly) and many others...

In addition to all these initiatives, citizens wearing yellow vests, voluntary help, journalists, are victims or witnesses of police and judicial repression: open police custody in order to stop a spontaneous rally, "preventive" police custody in order to prevent intentions to demonstrate, random arrests in order to register individuals, illegal searches and confiscation of non-hazardous objects or even emergency care in order to deter participation in demonstrations, attacks and abuse of power.... and of course we will do everything we can to ensure that these acts do not go unpunished. Let us remember that we are going through all this because we are demanding a better quality of life for ourselves and for future generations. 

Let us add that the "anti-crackers law" quickly adopted, as well as the latest security measures, clearly infringe our freedom and it is through actions of civil disobedience that we, as citizens, maintain our protest. It is also during these actions that we are treated in a repressive manner:

  • when we are asked to remove our yellow vests, yellow accessories (!) to pass a police cordon, or to pass from one street to another!
  • when we are fined for wearing a sweater with a reference to the RIC...
  • when our personal protective equipment such as glasses, masks, saline solution etc. are confiscated, including voluntary rescue equipment more commonly known as "street medic".
  • when elderly people present at the demonstration sites, ordinary passers-by, are thrown, or trampled by a growing CRS cordon...
  • when injured persons rescued by emergency services (firefighters, ambulance drivers, etc.) and taken to hospital are registered by hospital staff at the request of the Ministry of Defence,

In other words, the government does not appreciate being called into question and is letting us know by all possible means of repression. Thus, the Human Rights Defender, Mr Jacques Toubon, was informed of the following issues:

  • Are the Means of Policing being diverted for political purposes? Allowing, among other things, to introduce freedom-destroying laws and put an end to this social movement, to stifle it, to crush it no matter what the cost?
  • Are the means of communication complicit or used to exercise a political strategy aimed at manipulating public opinion by spreading rumours such as that the movement is orchestrated by foreign powers such as Russia... or that it is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, conspiratorial and other labels deliberately selected to create fear through the use of social media and networks to send frightening messages to citizens and gain positive public opinion? and thereby attempt to kill this social movement?
  • Is the establishment of the so-called "great debate" a backdoor way for the LREM to campaign for the European... presidential elections? Is the time allotted to the President during this campaign in accordance with the rules of the CSA?

    These are all questions that the Human Rights Defenders did not answer.

    Action is also under way before the International Criminal Court to ensure that the President and the Minister of the Interior are sanctioned accordingly in view of all the abuses already denounced by Amnesty International and the UN.

Reinforced by the following: online availability of a collective complaint form:

Facebook page of the initiative:

In any case, the Yellow Vest Movement has made it possible to highlight certain well-known dysfunctions in our society that have been denounced by some for years. It has given strength, courage to all those who did not dare to stop unsustainable working conditions, difficult living conditions and to communicate on causes hitherto ignored or it has allowed those who were already doing so to find the strength to continue fighting. It has made it possible to bring together profiles that did not meet before because of their differences and that today work together and set up social projects with the same objective: to get out of this system, no longer to be dependent on it but to be active in it for a better life.

It is therefore important to remember as soon as possible that many projects have emerged from this movement, aimed at gradually changing this brutal system in which we live.

Knowing that despite what is happening, the Government refuses to discuss and take into account the proposals posted on the platform of the Real Debate but also to respond to the workers' demands. It is clear that it could take measures to address the most pressing issues and work over the long term on issues whose immediate feasibility is not possible. The problem we have is that he doesn't have the will.

It is therefore up to us to ensure that our way of life improves, to ensure that we supervise our employees, the members of the Government, to create our own structures and control bodies, to change our consumption habits, in short to co-construct our future.

For my part, as long as I could, I would continue to fight.