#GILETS JAUNES "Revendications 100% citoyennes passées sous silence par le Gouvernement" 


Since the beginning of the Yellow Vest Movement, the Government and the mainstream media have consistently claimed that the demands associated with the movement were vague, evasive, uncertain and imprecise. Of course, this is totally false.

An online platform of claims called THE TRUE DEBATE has been created by a group of Yellow Vests so that all citizens can post their proposals there and vote for those of others. It therefore received more than 1 million votes out of 25,000 posted proposals. For those who do not have access to the Internet, a National Citizen Consultation in paper format was initiated by another group of Yellow Vests, which carried out the same exercise from door to door.

Obviously, the Government did not take this into account and the media chose not to report on it. And we all know why.

A Top 59 of these claims have been made and you will be able to discover what they are and why the Yellow Vests have been fighting for months.

The proposals posted concern subjects that concern us all (health, environment, democracies, taxation...) but which have been ignored after a BIG DEBATE manipulated, which cost 12 million euros and whose results we still do not have.

This manifesto will go down in history and will be the voice that the Government has tried to silence.


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