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17th European Trend Day

GDInstitute (1st swiss think tank that analizes trends and develops scenarios for the future) for having me in Zurich to share my experience within the #yellowvest movement during "The Rise of Consumer Activism" conference.

The Future of Meetups: How We'll Connect in the World of Tomorrow "At the 17th European Trend Day, we will present the most remarkable developments and gauge how and where we will meet up in future. We will discuss questions such as:

  • People need people: how will we enable vibes, productivity and creativity in future?

  • Where will physical contact remain essential?

  • How will we allure somebody, flirt, apply for a job?

  • Commuting, open-plan offices, packed exhibitions: how will meeting places be reconfigured?

  • How will social distancing change the ways we behave, how will we live together?"

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